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My name is Mehmet Burak Yılmaz

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I was born on December 25th, 1998, and I have lived in Istanbul my entire life.

I am an idealistic business graduate with a creative spirit. During my high school years, I was interested in Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and Theology. Although I wanted to pursue those fields, I ultimately studied Business due to family reasons. After graduating, I traveled across Europe, including Germany and the Netherlands. I gained a new world view and had some great journeys. Now, I want to continue improving my hard skills, create high-quality and creative work, and further my career and financial prospects.

That's me 



Professional Summary

I am a driven individual with a passion for entrepreneurship and branding. I have successfully launched multiple businesses, including a logistics and product business, and a women's fashion e-commerce brand. As a digital marketing and social media specialist, I created both brands from the ground up, handling all aspects of branding, website design, social media content creation, and online advertising with a focus on detailed targeting. I integrated relevant tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc. I also had the opportunity to meet with manufacturers and wholesalers, which provided valuable insights into the production and logistics process and helped me finding them for our customers.

Overall, my experience in branding and entrepreneurship has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch businesses and deliver high-quality work.

Academic Background



Business Bachelor's Degree | August 2016 - February 2021

- Applied Entrepreneurship

- Organization Development and Change Management

- Innovation Strategy

- Strategic Management

- Ethical Approach on Human Resources

- Business Ethics

- Marketing Strategies

Professional History

Sittnak Uluslararasi Nakliyat A.S.

General In-house office staff | June 2013 - Aug 2013

June 2017 - July 2017

- Accounting trainee

- Supporting export and import departments

- Preparing and sorting import documents and receipts.

Beatsiders Freelance Music Producer Team

Co-founder , Music Producer | June 2020 - July 2021


- Music Production

- Branding

- Website Design

- Social Cedia Content Creation 

- Online Advertising

Markasimetri Reklam Ajansı

Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist | Sept. 2022 - Nov. 2022

 Managing and developing social media accounts for 5-6 companies of varying sizes, from small businesses to large manufacturers.


In this role, I was responsible for routine control and reporting of social media ads, Google ads, and related stats, and I also created content for these companies' accounts.


Some of the content I wrote could be considered copywriting in context. Additionally, I came up with brand names that were registered and created companies around them. I even defined the vision for some of these companies, including the one I worked for.

Certifications and Activities

- The Fundementals of Digital Marketing


- Google Analytics for Beginners


- Social Media Marketing Foundations


- İşletme Fakültesi Mezunlar Derneği (2016 - 2017) 

BPN "Dijital Medya" etkinliği 

CEO'lar Kampüste'17

Best Practice Way'16




I possess a strong proficiency in planning, creating, and strategizing content and social media posts and ads, developing effective campaigns, driving engagement, and generating leads. With a keen focus on quality and brand voice, I have experience devising strategies that resonate with target audiences and meet business objectives, leveraging analytical insights and best practices to optimize performance.


As a digital marketing and social media specialist with experience in creating e-commerce and logistics brands, I have a strong proficiency in branding and brand strategy. I have a track record of creating effective brand identities, from coming up with brand names to developing brand visions that align with a company's goals and target audience. I have also created high-quality content for social media and websites that reflects a brand's voice and personality, effectively engaging audiences and driving sales. My expertise in branding has helped me to create and execute successful campaigns that build brand awareness and loyalty.

Doğal Güzellik Ürünleri

I have experience in e-commerce, from creating brands and designing websites to producing high-quality content and social media ads.

In addition, my experiences in logistics and wholesaling has allowed me to successfully find manufacturers and wholesalers for customers all around the world, contributing to the growth and success of their businesses. This also included finding products to sell on marketplaces.

Finansal Veri

As a Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist, I have some experience in planning, creating, and monitoring digital advertising campaigns using Google Ads and related tools such as Google Analytics. I have a basic understanding of SEO principles, keyword research, and AdWords strategies, which I have used to increase web traffic and boost online sales for a variety of companies. With my knowledge of these tools and focus on data-driven decision making, I am able to effectively manage and optimize campaigns, resulting in increased ROI and revenue

Dizüstü bilgisayarda web sitesi kurulumu

I have experience in website design, having created and designed websites for multiple businesses, including my own e-commerce brand. I am proficient in using website building tools and integrating relevant tools such as Google Analytics, ensuring that websites are not only visually appealing but also effective in achieving business goals.



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Due to privacy and confidentiality reasons, I'm unable to disclose specific statistics related to my digital marketing efforts.



Uzun Yol

Mehmet Burak Yılmaz

Istanbul / Türkiye

Tel: +90 542 699 45 65

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